Couple’s Journal


With Valentines day fast approaching every one wants a special gift for their Husband/Boyfriend and nothing exudes romance like this personalized Journal.


Couple’s Journal

PowerPoint Documents (6×9, 8×10 and 8,5×11 in color and Greyscale) have 27 pages to express the love you have for your partner and track your memories together. With 6 Covers! (Front, Back and Spine)

It is estimated that Americans spent $20.7 billion on Valentines Day 2019. That is up 6% from 2018

Are you struggling to find the perfect Valentine Product?
Do you not have the time to sit and create a unique product?

With this premade journal you can save hours of time to create something special and out of the ordinary.

We have created for you a interactive Couple’s Journal

You get 6 editable PowerPoint Documents

  • 6×9 (Color and Greyscale)
  • 8×10 (Color and Greyscale)
  • 8.5×11 (Color and Greyscale)

You get 18 covers

  • 6×9 (6 covers, Front, Back and Spine)
  • 8×10 (6 covers, Front, Back and Spine)
  • 8.5×11 (6 covers, Front, Back and Spine)

This includes:

  • 2x Love Letter pages
  • 2x Poem pages
  • 6x Location pin pages
  • Blank photo frames
  • Blank Photo strips
  • “Our Song” page

Take a peek inside:


This Journal is completely editable! Within 10 minutes you can have a book ready to publish!

What can you do with this journal:

  • You can add or take away pages
  • You can sell it on Amazon and add your Logo
  • You can sell it as PDF’s on Etsy

Please note there are NO refunds as this is a PLR product.

You may use this product for commercial use i.e. to create journals and planners to sell on e-commerce platforms or for clients.

You MAY NOT sell this to other authors with  PLR or MLR rights.

Once you purchase, you will receive a link to download your files.



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