Mood Tracker Templates


Are you frustrated with the amount of time it takes to create something unique?

Mood Trackers assist in Anxiety Management and Stress Relief.

You get 100 Templates to color in and track your mood. These can be added into your Weekly or Monthly Planners within seconds. Saving you hours of tedious work.



Mood Tracker Templates

100 Mood Tracker Templates


Do you ever feel like your Weekly and Monthly Planner is missing that uniqueness?

Do you not have the time to create something to make your planner stand out among the the thousands of Planners on Amazon and Etsy? 

Now you can add these Mood Trackers with ease by simply copying and pasting each page into your Planner! You can add or take away days to give 7 days and allow you to have a weekly mood tracker or have a monthly Mood Tracker depending on your Planner. 

This saves you hours of time adding numbers to each image and sizing the images to fit according to the page.

These can also be added to your Self Care and Mental Health Journals.

Tracking your mood will allow you to identify the negative and positive influences in your life and assist in reducing stress.

There are over 22 million results on google for Mood Trackers, this is a popular niche that can be monetized. The advantage of this being a big market is that majority of the mood trackers online are DIY on how to draw your own Mood Tracker in a bullet Journal. The customers who are not creative or have an ability to draw lose out on this opportunity, now you can offer them their very own Mood Tracker without any effort and still have a fun Planner or Journal.

You or your customers can then choose which moods and color theme they want to go with and color each day the color they have chosen for that mood on the key, example shown below:

Take a peek:

Here is what you get for your purchase:

  • You get 3 editable manuscripts in Powerpoint documents (6×9, 8×10 and 8,5×11)
  • 100 Pages/Templates of Mood Trackers
  • Extra Key Tabs to Create a different Pattern
  • Graphics with “31” for  extra days

How to use these templates

  • Copy them directly into your Monthly Planner every month (Choose 12 Templates)
  • Delete 23 of the images to get a 7 day week
  • Copy them into your Weekly Planner after every 4 weeks (Choose 52 Templates)
  • Add the templates into your Health or Self Care Journals
  • Add the templates into a general Planner or Journal


Now you have the product you can:

  • Sell it on platforms like Amazon, Lulu and Etsy
  • Sell them with your Logo on Etsy or Shopify (PDF’s only)
  • Create new templates and sell on Etsy and Shopify.


Please note there are NO refunds as this is a PLR product.

You may use this product for commercial use i.e. to create journals and planners to sell on e-commerce platforms or for clients.

You MAY NOT sell this to other authors with  PLR or MLR rights.

Once you purchase, you will receive a link to download your files.


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