What size should my journals and planners be?

Creating your journal or planner is just the second stage in earning money. This sounds odd but read on.

The first stage is to plan where you are going to sell it. (If you don’t have it on display, then no one will find it and buy it.) Some platforms are easy, you can sell your product in many sizes but with others, they may limit you to only one size, so knowing what that size is , is important before you create or purchase a template to adapt. It also helps to know where you get sales from, especially if the product is going to printed buy the customer.

Page sizes vary depending on the country. For most of the world, excluding North America and a few countries in Central and South America, A4 is the recognized standard page size. It is 8.27 x 11.69 inches in size and is twice the size of an A5 sheet and half the size of an A3 sheet. For North America and the few countries in Central and South America that do not use the A4 standard, the common size is 8.5 x 11 inches, also known as legal paper size.

Where can you sell your Planners and Journals?

The three places where you have most say in what size paper to design for are Amazon, Etsy and your own website.

Let’s have a look at these.


Amazon is the marketplace for journals and planners and you have several size options and the popular sizes are 8.5 x 11, 8 x 10 and 9 x 6. To find a full range of sizes click HERE.


With Etsy, you are selling directly to the customer, and they have to print it. As they can get it printed at their local print shop as well as at home, you can choose a custom size if you want. Before you do this, check with a few print shops to see what they consider “normal” so you don’t put the effort in and have to give refunds because the product is unprintable.

Your Own Website.

The same rules apply to your own website as for Etsy.

Other places you can sell your designs.

Printify Journals – basic interiors designed by them with your cover design. Hardback and Paperback available. Also Posters and Postcards. Sizes in inches (5.98 x 7.99), (5.71 x 8.07), (5.00 x 7.24)

Gooten Stationary, posters and prints. There seems to be only one size of ruled notebook – you supply the cover image. (6.5×8.75 inches).

So plan where you are going to produce and sell your journals and planners before you commit to a size. Changing your mind halfway through means more work and can take quite a while as you may have to jig sizes and positions of fonts, tables and images.

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